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A day to remember...

 Our last visit to the Ryuzaki family showed just how much everyone was growing up. A heart was broken while another one blossomed. New friends were made, and it seemed like everything was finally settling down.

A few days later sounded the beginning of celebration, it was Mai & Fei’s birthday! The twins celebrated and prepared to enter their adulthood!

Though she had already shown signs of it, Fei had inherited the snob trait. She was now an artistic sim who was absent minded, as well as dramatic. She is family oriented but now also a snob. Naturally, Fei was also the first to go touch up her makeup and spent a considerable amount of time putting her multiple outfits together. She did decide to let her hair down from her ponytail though, however she still refused to cut her very long hair.

Next was her sister Mai, who didn’t take nearly as long getting her outfits ready. Mai enjoyed her short sporty hairstyle, and decided to keep it.  She inherited the party animal trait.  This made her a good sim who as also artistic, she was handy as well as brave.  Her chatty happy nature also made her a party animal.

As the twins prepared to eat cake Fei noticed that Mai had glared at her before walking away shaking her head. “What?” she asked, knowing full Mai would tell her. “It’s not fair” Mai stated, as Rei entered the kitchen to join them she stared at Fei and agreed “yeah, that’s not fair at all is it?” Fei was officially confused, then she noticed it. Both her sisters were staring at her chest. Even though Mai and Fei were twins it seemed Fei was dominant in the “womanly” department. Even her older sister Rei couldn’t compare and found herself a little jealous.

Still, to celebrate, Rei decided to prepare a lovely dish of grilled salmon.

Just the smell of it put a smile on Mai’s face.

And as expected it came out looking delicious!

Meanwhile outside, Amy was finishing up her newest project she titled “stone dumbo.”

The entertaining night ended and the party seemed to be entertaining Fei in her dreams as well.

Mai on the other hand had worked out twice that day. She was so tired that she dreamed of sleeping while she was sleeping!

Though reasons were unknown, the grilled salmon gave Rei a great idea for her next painting.

As Kaze came home after work he had a very large smile. Apparently his co-workers didn’t think he cold still hold the top spot considering his age. He apparently proved them wrong.

The next morning Kai woke up earlier than usual. Even though it was his day off there was something important he had to take care of and settle today.

He called his girlfriend Elissa and told her to meet him at the park, there was something important he needed to discuss. She attempted to argue with him as to why she couldn’t just meet him at his house, but today he was not in the mood to entertain her arguments and just hung up the phone. He left for the park shortly after.

As he pulled up to the park he noticed Jade Greenwood was there. He also noticed her sister was there as well as a sim he didn’t know. He was holding a baby girl, a girl whom Jade said was named Virginia. And that she was Kai’s daughter! Shocked, Kai looked at the toddler. There was no denying it, she did carry some of his features. Kai nodded and said he’ll be staying in touch, if there was anything Virginia needed to call him. He may not have any interest in Jade, but his daughter was his responsibility and he wanted to be there for her.

After chatting with them for a bit and holding his daughter for the first time, Kai waited at the center of the park for Elissa. Many things were on his mind, but he needed to do this. He couldn’t stop thinking about Melody whom he met a few days ago. They chatted daily over the phone and Kai knew he wanted to do things right. No sneaking around, he didn’t want to lose Melody’s trust. He began to get impatient, Elissa was late… This was but one of the many things they argued about…

Back at the house however, a different assortment of things were going through Mai’s mind. She needed something to get her mind off of Daniel, Freja suggested she find a hobby. After some thought Mai figured she might as well stick to her weightlifting. She was getting pretty strong and it was a healthy hobby, she asked Kaze for $imoleans to purchase a weight machine in the basement.

When Elissa arrived it was obvious that she suspected this, she approached slowly and seemed very hesitant. Kai however would not procrastinate, and wasted no time telling her that they both knew this day would come. It was time for them to just be friends, this relationship was going nowhere. Her eyes began tearing up before he even finished the sentence…

It was obvious she was hurt, but Kai comforted her and told her that they were still friends. Perhaps she really did love him? Perhaps not? Either way, she had lost her chance.

Back at home excitement was in the air surrounding Fei. For years she had envied her older sister Rei for knowing what she wanted to do with her life. Rei had known since she was a child and pursued it, and it wasn’t until today that Fei made up her mind. Fei loved clothes, she loved makeup and hairstyles. It was then that she made the decision, she wanted to be a stylist. She knew there was something she could use her artistic talent on, and she finally found it. She began her design concepts right away.

Over the next few days no one saw much of Mai. She was constantly in the basement, and only came out to eat, sleep, and bathe. She occasionally was found tinkering, but most of her time was spent lifting weights. It was obvious that she was giving it everything she had to get rid of her feelings for Daniel, and she was seriously taking it out on the weight bench.

Still, as her body grew stronger so did her heart. It took a lot longer than she wanted, but she was finally starting to feel better.

After about a week of talking everyday, going out to eat, movies, and other miscellaneous dates, Kai called Melody and asked her to take the day off. He then asked her to meet him at the bistro. He also asked her not to make any plans for today, he wanted to spend the entire day with her.

She arrived and was in her work outfit, apparently she was getting ready to go when he called her. She came to the bistro without even taking the time to change…

After chatting a little about music the two found themselves drifting closer and closer…

It was then that he confessed his feelings… She told him she already knew, that even though he didn’t say anything it was still obvious, because she felt the same way…

“Does that mean we’re already a couple?” Asked Kai, she merely answered by a long embrace, staring into each others eyes…

Meanwhile back at home, Fei finished her first fashion concept and was thinking about what improvements she could make.

Since there was a bit of a line to get into the bistro, the newly “official” couple found other ways to pass the time…

Mai on the other hand had just finished another workout and had consumed 3 plates of food!

Kaze and Amy spent the afternoon together for the fist time in weeks. She put her sculptures on hold and he put writing his book on hold. They would spend quality time with each other today.

The huddled closely to each other, thinking they had the house to themselves. The first time in years…

The emotions began to flow and they were soon enjoying each other.

As they continued things only seemed to intensify… They would be going upstairs to their bedroom soon after. Elders or not, they still had plenty of love for each other.

Of course when Mai came out of the kitchen she immediately headed for the backyard and to the basement. The last thing she needed to see were here parents kissing & touching like that…

Meanwhile back at the bistro the line had cleared, Kai and Melody had gotten dressed for the formal lunch and enjoyed their meal. Kai said he wanted to take her somewhere, so they headed for his truck.

Being the clumsy sim like his mother, Kai nearly tripped and fell in the road.

Luckily, Melody’s sister Freja (who was also enjoying lunch at the bistro by coincidence) didn’t see him trip. Surely she would’ve laughed at this sight.

Still, despite the near-fall, they entered his vehicle and headed for the beach…

Once there, Melody told him how much she enjoyed the lovely dinner.

As the sun began to set over the horizon they kissed each other softly…

It was then that Kai told her how much he truly cared about her, and how he wanted to be so much more than just a boyfriend… It was then that Melody saw him reach into his pocket…

It was then that she realized how nervous Kai was, he bent to one knee and pulled out a small box, which he fumbled and nearly dropped! He caught it at the very last moment.

He held it up to her and opened it, proposing… “Will you marry me?” Shocked and speechless, it was obvious Melody had no idea he was going to propose!

After a long moment Melody snapped out of it and softly replied “yes,” as tears began to well up…

She stood in shock for a moment, staring at the beautiful ring that now rested on her finger. “Is this a dream? Is this really happening to me?” She wondered…

She then hugged Kai as happy as could be, it seemed like a dream, but it was really happening! She was getting married!

Kai could hardly believe it, he was really getting married! He couldn’t help but let a couple tears of joy stream down his cheeks as the love of his life held him tightly. They were getting married… And there was so much to be planned…

It was definitely a day to remember, and there was nothing but good news when Kai returned home. Though he left the details of the wedding to Amy & Emma, the two mothers seemed happier than the new couple! One thing was for sure, it would be a lovely day to remember!


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Sep. 30th, 2010 03:41 pm (UTC)
I'm so glad finally Melody have the opportunity to experience true love. Oh I think I miss her, I always loved her, begining to wishing playing her again.
can't wait to see them married. And kids :P
Oct. 29th, 2010 03:32 pm (UTC)
From Seaweedy
I'm kind of bouncing back and forth, now I know where Elsa's blonde hair comes from.
Lori Steele
Jan. 20th, 2012 10:50 pm (UTC)
Poor Kai LOL I can relate to that clumsy trait! What a lovely spot to choose for a proposal :D
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