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Fei's Big Day

 As the founders of the Ryuzaki family passed away, the foundation didn’t even begin to shake. Hearts were hurt, emotionally scarred for a time. Time has passed since the morning Kai placed his parents grave at the cemetery and released the spirits… Hearts have been healed, but are still very tender, though Rei still seems to be badly shaken by the loss of both her parents…

To help Fei get her mind off of negative memories Rayn had been taking her out often. To dinner, the movies, and other various outings. Today was a bit odd though, he had been with her since the early morning and had taken her to a small grassy area in front of the ocean. Still a little depressed from all that as happened, Fei pushed her depression aside as she gazed into her loves eyes…

Rayn knew full well that Fei was not completely over her parents death, yet he loved her, and would do everything he could to see Fei’s real smile again.

Fei appreciated everything he has done, if it weren’t for Rayne she would surely be much more depressed. The two enjoyed each other’s company in the small grassy area for a while.

As Fei wrapped her arms around him he held her face gently, staring into her eyes for a time, then he slowly knelt down, his eyes never leaving hers for a moment. Before Fei could even say a word, Rayn had reached into his pocket and pulled out a small box… “Will you marry me?” he asked softly.

Fei stood for a moment, speechless, shocked and at a loss for words. She had said yes several times in her mind before her lips finally uttered “y..y…y..Yes…” with an embarrassing stutter. She couldn’t believe it, before she realized it she was getting married!

She invited him home for a time and they spent intimate moments with each other. Rayn had work in the morning so he couldn’t stay over, but the wedding danced across Fei’s dreams all night.

The wedding was planned and the big day soon arrived, Fei didn’t want a large wedding and only invited the Lothario family & her own. As everyone began to leave to meet at the wedding location Fei couldn’t help but fall behind. She had been unusually nauseous the last couple of days and vomited numerous times before leaving for the wedding herself…

Meanwhile, the families began to meet at the location. The wedding was decided to be held at the same grassy area where Rayn proposed… Melody knew why Fei was late, but she kept it to herself. In the meantime the families spent time chatting.

Everyone was having a great time, except for Roxie… She was upset and wondered why Fei was running late.

Finally, after a time, Fei arrived and met Rayne at the ledge overlooking the ocean. She hugged him tightly and apologized for being late.

Still grieving the loss of her parents Rei was overcome with mixed emotions. She was very happy for her little sister’s wedding, but in the back of her mind she only wished her parents could be there to see it.

As the wedding began everyone gathered around, it was especially beautiful outside that day. Perhaps Kaze & Amy had something to do with it? Perhaps they were here, watching their daughter get married? These thoughts warmed Rei’s heart as they prepared to exchange rings.

Exchanging of the rings

As usual, Melody was VERY excited to see such a beautiful wedding. She loved weddings, well, she was just very excited. (excitable trait) As usual, Elsa and Mai stayed together the entire time. The two had become pretty much inseparable…

Even Rayn's father Don Lothario was touched at the sight.

As the wedding came to a close, Mai was the first to congratulate Fei. Her twin sister who had always been with her growing up was actually leaving to begin her new life.

As everyone departed home Mai was unusually quiet, after playing several matches of chess with Elsa she headed upstairs. All these years she had just been training her body with no goal in mind, but seeing her sister get married opened her eyes. After all these years she finally knew what she wanted to do, “protect” she told herself repeatedly. Everyone had experienced so much sadness, Mai had made up her mind, she would protect those she loved…

With Fei getting married, Rei seems to have finally begun healing. Mai has finally made up her mind and found her life’s goal, and everyone’s life seems to be catapulting forward. Things around the house changed a little with Fei’s leaving, they missed seeing her everyday but could & would call her & visit. Everyone’s lives seem to be nice & stable, but rumors of new townies was in the air again… Would this move their lives forward, or knock them back a step?


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Oct. 6th, 2010 09:51 am (UTC)
Yaa for Fai lol Elsa and Mai, they becomming quit a couple.
Apr. 13th, 2011 11:26 pm (UTC)
I love that pic of Don Lothario! Great shot.
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