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More birthdays, with a surprise.

 With Elsa now a young adult and the boys being busy themselves, Kai and Melody have a lot more time to devote to Anastasia and Eowyn. Their birthdays will be coming soon and these two exited parents can’t wait. That’s not the only reason they’re excited however, they still have the 2nd half of Elsa’s present, but the young adult seems to be occupied… Focused elsewhere…

The next day started just as any other in the Ryuzaki household, except now the boys were not nearly as excited about school. Apparently they now knew their enemy… Homework, both were excited to go to school and chat with friends, but homework was the last thing on their minds.

As evening set in Melody called the boys into the kitchen to start their homework, while she prepared some Ratatouille for dinner.

While they obediently followed their moms orders it was clear that Tattiel did not like world history. “Just do the best you can” said Melody, “if you need any help just let me know.” Her remark was replied with a sigh, “ok…”

While Melody & Kai enjoyed the meal Darius tried encouraging his brother a bit. “You know, the sooner you finish the sooner you can grab a plate!” Said Darius with a big grin, “you’re always excited for food” replied Tattiel. “You’re going to get fat.”

As everyone ate dinner they could hear the front door open, Melody & Kai glanced over in time to see Elsa leaving. She had been very quiet since her birthday and seemed to have a lot on her mind. “Should I talk to her? I’m a little worried” asked Kai, “No” Melody replied, “she’ll be fine, she’s just very focused on her goals right now.”

Elsa entered her car and headed across town, the day had finally come. All her studying, all her reading, “this is it” sighed Elsa as she turned into the parking lot.

She knew they were looking for interns to start as organ donors, she applied and was accepted. “Ok grandma Amy, my goal starts here” Elsa said to herself as she entered the hospital. She was accepted for the position and would start work next week…

As she started heading home Elsa decided to stop by her aunt Mai’s house to say hello. She was unable to spend much time with her aunt recently since she was busy with school finals & Mai was busy with the new baby.

As she pulled up she could see Mai & Isaac through the windows. “Good, they’re still awake” said Elsa to herself.

Mai came out to greet her with a big smile, “you still have your hair like that?” Joked Elsa, “hey! I’ll style it back in a few days or so.” Replied Mai.

“You know why I’m here, where’s the little monster?” Joked Elsa, “oh he’s in his room, go for it, it’s almost his bed time so do me a favor and wear him out while you’re here.” With a laugh Elsa made her way into Kain’s bedroom, she played with him until the little toddler looked sleepy. She tucked him away and glanced at her watch, it was about time she headed home herself.

Meanwhile back at home the boys were already sound asleep. Their homework really wore them out, but while Tattiel was dreaming of what he wanted to do when he grew up, Darius was busy dreaming of a vacation where he could just eat and fish all day.

That next morning Melody left Kai to watch the girls for a while. Today was their birthday so Melody had to go pick up the cakes she had Rei bake. Before she could pick them up though she needed to deliver some of her fresh-grown veggies to Fei. She met up with Fei over at the gym, “too bad you couldn’t come sooner” stated Fei, “I could’ve used a workout partner.”

Even though Melody intended to just drop off the vegetables and leave, the two mothers soon found themselves talking about their children for over an hour!

Looking at her watch Melody suddenly realized how much time had gone by! She quickly picked up the cakes and headed home, luckily they weren’t throwing a big party for the girls. Just them this time, when the girls are older perhaps they would want a bigger party.

First up was Anastasia, the infant wasted no time changing, almost as if she was waiting for it!

Next up was Eowyn, Melody had Kai blow out the candles with her. “I can’t do it” whispered Melody to her husband, tears already starting to build up in her eyes. “We are very lucky to even be having a party for her, even the doctor said he was barely able to save her.” Kai nodded, he knew Melody wanted to blow out the candles with her, but he can tell just by looking that Melody’s hands were shaking uncontrollably from the memory of almost losing a baby. So he blew out the candles with Eowyn and Melody celebrated, makeup running and all.

The little infant changed even faster than her sister, the first thing Melody noticed was a big smile from the tiny tot.

Kai & Melody picked up the toddlers and headed upstairs, “I’ll just supervise this one” joked Kai. “I’m no good at dressing up girls.” Melody just laughed as she picked up Anastasia, she was the first to be dressed.

As she picked up Eowyn Melody glanced at Kai and said “It seems even now Amy is determined to leave memories behind” said Melody with a smile. “They both have her eyes.” “This is true” replied Kai, “but there’s no denying who’s hair they inherited” joked Kai as he stared at his wife’s blonde hair. “Not only that, but they look a lot like you too.

A short while later everyone was downstairs, it was relatively quiet except for Tattiel, he seemed to be in a lively debate about which flavor of toothpaste tasted best.

Meanwhile Elsa & Kai were chasing down the girls, Kai heard Eowyn’s giggle and tracked her down. It seems Eowyn was the first of the twin girls to discover their newly remodeled bedroom…

While Elsa couldn’t pinpoint where Anastasia was just yet, she peeked into the boys room. “not here?” Elsa questioned herself, Anastasia usually made a habit of playing in the boy’s toybox.

Meanwhile downstairs Darius seemed to be troubled, “what’s wrong hun?” asked Melody, “nothing mom, I was just wondering if we should get another fish tank but I’m not sure if one will be enough! Besides, what if they get lonely? What if, what if…” It’ll be fine Darius.” Stated Melody. She noticed that it wasn’t just Darius, but both the boys seemed to be a little high strung. “I hope it’s nothing serious” Melody said to herself.

Back upstairs Kai had caught Eowyn and proceeded to tickle her for trying to run away from him.

Giggles could be heard from Melody & Kai’s bedroom as well, it seems Elsa also found and caught her target.

As the evening grew late they brought the two toddlers down for dinner.

As Elsa grabbed a plate she smiled as she struggled to hold in her laughter. Darius seemed to be trying to talk Tattiel into going fishing with him tomorrow, but Tattiel was struggling too much with homework to pay much attention to his brother. “Need some help?” offered Elsa. “Please?” replied Tattiel with almost a begging look on his face. “ok, ok, I’ll help you as soon as I finish eating…”

Once Elsa had finished helping Tattiel with his homework Melody & Kai called her over. “So remember what we talked about the other day?” Asked Kai, “about how your presents came in two parts?” “Well” continued Melody, “we’re sending you out on vacation! We had originally wanted to send you to France, but Kai reminded me how much you don’t like art, so we’ve decided to send you to Egypt!”

For a long moment Elsa just gazed at them, dumbstruck, then it hit her… “Wait… You’re serious!?” shrieked Elsa, “But what about work, I start in a few days!” “We know” replied Kai, “your plane is due to arrive back here Sunday evening, so you can still make it in to work on Monday.” Excited, all Melody & Kai heard were multiple “thank you’s!” being shouted as Elsa ran upstairs to get her things packed.

It didn’t take her long to find an outfit for the trip either…

Elsa logged on the computer to print out her itinerary and she was off! Next stop, Egypt!!!

With a surprise vacation Elsa was on her way across the world to Egypt! New experiences, new discoveries, and her trip was simply full of the unknown…


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Oct. 24th, 2010 10:08 am (UTC)
Oh this will be fun, I'm sure Elsa won't mind the tents lol thats just one more reason not to do dishes and clean up.

The girls are so sweet. :D
Anastasia really have Amy's eyes. Eowyn's a little different in shape.

Oct. 24th, 2010 10:16 am (UTC)
True, I realized that after I finished writing. I also noticed that Anastasia's face actually looks like Kai's, but Eowyn DEFINITELY looks like her Melody! :D

I'm actually on a roll right now, I already finished the next chapter and am starting to write the next as we speak!

I intend to be completely caught up before Late Night is released. XD
Jan. 26th, 2012 01:13 am (UTC)
No, Eowyn was actually named after a singer. :)
Lori Steele
Jan. 26th, 2012 03:25 am (UTC)
Beautiful blond toddlers :) "their enemy--Homework" LOL! Loved that!
Jan. 27th, 2012 03:47 pm (UTC)
Yes, it seems Melody's hair genes were pretty strong when it came to the girls. Those boys did everything they could to get out of doing homework. lol
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