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 As Elsa flew home her mind was full of more questions than she had answers. Still, she was excited to start work and would need to focus, despite this fact she couldn’t get the relic of life out of her mind either… However things at home have also changed a little since she had left a few days ago…

As Elsa made her way to her bedroom after she arrived at home she smiled as she looked into her sisters room as she walked by. She would have many stories to tell them when they were older…

The next morning Elsa noticed her mother was already training the girls, “she doesn’t waste a minute” thought Elsa. She smiled a bit as she walked away, suddenly, she heard a crash come from the bathroom and heard the sound of someone throwing up, violently. Concerned, Elsa ran back to the bathroom to see what had happened!

She arrived to see her mother face first in the toilet, struggling to throw up. It was obvious she was on an empty stomach, “that’s stomach acid” thought Elsa as she waited for her mother to finish before helping her up.

“I sent the boys into the kitchen to do their homework” stated Elsa, “now what’s going on mom? Talk to me, are you pregnant?” “Goodness no!” replied Melody, we’re not having any more children, we’ve already decided we’re content with our family. “Then what’s going on? I was only gone for a few days.” Said Elsa, a concerned look on her face. “I don’t know, I think it’s a virus or something, I just can’t keep any food down & I feel really weak. Don’t fret Elsa, before you even say it just let me tell you I’ve already scheduled an appointment at the hospital a couple days from now. If I’m not feeling better by then I’ll go.” Melody looked at her daughter Elsa, she had grown so much over the years and was now looking at her with worried eyes. “You’re going to be a great mother” commented Melody, “Mom!” Elsa yelled, blushing from embarrassment. “I’m not even thinking about that right now!”

Meanwhile in the kitchen Tattiel & Darius giggled from overhearing the jest their mom just told. It wasn’t often that their big sister was embarrassed.

“Well I want you to go lay down” claimed Elsa, “I may be just an intern but even I can tell you’re pushing yourself too hard. Don’t worry about the kids, I’ll take care of them until dad get’s home.” A little stunned yet proud of her daughter, Melody took her advice and went upstairs to rest. Elsa wasted no time & saw Eowyn pacing by the bathroom. “Potty?” Elsa asked her little sister, “potty” said Eowyn softly. Elsa sat her down and smiled, “well at least she understands the basics” thought Elsa with a grin.

That evening Tattiel invited their cousin Jefferson Lothario over to hang out. Elsa answered the door to let him in, “so how’s aunt Fei?” she asked, “mom’s fine, she’s always working on her next big fashion idea.” Replied Jefferson. “Heh, that sounds like something she’d do,” replied Elsa. “Tattiel’s down the hall” as she pointed for him.

As Melody started to come downstairs Elsa quickly began questioning her, “what are you doing mom? You should be resting!” “I’m just going to make dinner” replied Melody, “oh no you’re not! I’ll do it, you look really pale and I can see you’re still pushing yourself. Go rest, dad and I can handle the house.”

Just as Melody nodded and turned to go upstairs she lost her balance and had to reach for the rail to keep from falling. “Mom!” yelled Elsa, “I’m fine Elsa,” replied Melody, “I’ll go ba-“ Her words were cut off as she placed her hand over her mouth and ran for the bathroom upstairs to throw up again.

“Dad, make her go to the hospital! It’s obvious something’s wrong… I’m worried.” “I will” replied Kai, “she doesn’t know it yet but I’ll be driving her there tomorrow.” Elsa nodded and headed into the kitchen to prepare dinner while Kai continued his game with Darius.

The next morning Kai was serious, he left that morning with a very pale & weakened Melody. Elsa was proving she was more than capable of running a household, even Tattiel had started showing early signs of maturity by helping out, feeding his little sisters & playing with them.

Elsa had to leave for work once Kai & Melody returned home, but still made sure a healthy breakfast was prepared before leaving for work.

As she cooked a smile spread across her face as the sounds of simple music drifted into the kitchen. She already knew who the culprit was, Eowyn wouldn’t let anyone near her xylophone. It seemed another musician had been born into the family as the tune Eowyn played was actually pretty good considering her age.

As Elsa finished breakfast Kai & Melody returned, she still looked very pale, but not quite as sick. “So how did it go?” asked Elsa, Melody pulled her aside so the boys wouldn’t overhear them. “I don’t know how hun, but… I’m pregnant.” Elsa glared in shock, “but you said you two weren’t having any more!” debated Elsa, “I know hun, and we really didn’t plan on any more. We really weren’t trying for another baby, we don’t know how I got pregnant. We took all the necessary precautions too, but there’s no doubting the doctors test results. We don’t know how, but I’m definitely pregnant.”

Elsa gave her mom a hug, “well I need to go to work, just relax and let dad spoil you.” With another hug Elsa was off to work, Melody stood still for a moment, “you really are a little miracle aren’t you?” she said to her belly. “Well we’re going to love you just as much!”  It was then that Melody decided to change her lifetime wish, being a rockstar now sounded a bit selfish on her part so she decided she would rather be surrounded by family.  Since she pretty much was already.  

Elsa definitely knew her step-father well, he told Melody to just rest, as she still looked a bit pale and weak. He spent the day watching the girls and teaching them some basic skills.

After school Darius was grinning ear to ear, “what is it now?” asked Tattiel, “don’t tell me you’re thinking of food again! You really are going to get fat and I’m going to laugh and call you tubby tubby.” They laughed a moment, “no” replied Darius, “I’m going fishing! Want to come!?” “No thanks,” replied Tattiel, “I have a cool painting I want to finish!”

With a quick high-five the two brothers parted ways, as Tattiel headed home Darius jumped on his bike and headed for the pond that was behind the graveyard.

After work Elsa headed over to the Readgraves residence, there was a fight between Harry Readgrave and Lucas Ramsey at work and Elsa wouldn’t have it. “I may be new here, but fighting in a hospital is unacceptable” she thought to herself.

As she arrived she explained why the two needed to make up and let it go. Harry said he would if Lucas would be more considerate with the lab time. Satisfied, Elsa left to go find Lucas.

Lucas Ramsey was already shaking his head as Elsa approached him. “No” he replied sternly, “don’t bother, you’re new, you have no right to judge me.”

Elsa stood firm and explained how it didn’t matter how long someone worked there. The hospital was a house of healing and arguments would only hurt the patients healing process. After a long conversation she convinced Lucas to be more considerate.

Meanwhile back at home Tattiel was no where to be found, Kai had invited Brice Franklin and his wife over for dinner. “Where are the boys?” asked Brice, “ah, Darius is out fishing and Tattiel is more than likely upstairs painting.” Replied Kai, he may look like his mother, but he clearly has his grandparents passion for painting.

They continued chatting about the kids while finishing their meal.

After a couple of days Melody started feeling much better and began to help teaching the girls again, though Elsa kept an eye on her mother to make sure she wasn’t pushing herself again.

While Darius was out fishing again as usual Tattiel continued to show maturity, he loved his little sisters a lot and was often found playing with them around the house. Though Anastasia enjoyed playtime it soon became obvious that Tattiel became Eowyn’s favorite play time partner. She loved playing peek-a-boo with her brother.

Melody simply smiled at the two children, she started to wonder what they would be like when they were older.

That night Elsa was a little biased when preparing dinner and decided to cook her personal favorite, cheese steak!

Just as she finished she received a phone call, Elsa glared at her cell in shock, the number was definitely foreign! Moments after she answered it the voice on the other line pleaded to her. “We could use your help! We have clues to find the relic but the enemy might get there first!” Shocked Elsa knew exactly who it was on the phone, it was Hassan. “But who was the enemy?” wondered Elsa. Still, she didn’t want something that could possibly help others to fall into the wrong hands, she knew that much.

She hung up and called her boss Marion York at the hospital to request time off. “How long?” asked Marion, you’re a promising intern and we’ll need you here. Elsa thought for a moment… “A week, give me a week and I’ll be back and ready to go.” After a long silence Marion consented.

Elsa ran upstairs and prepared an itinerary, all the gems and stones she found did indeed come in handy, she could afford roughly a weeks worth of time there before she had to come home.

She set out that night and caught the first flight available, it was sooner than she expected but she was going back… Back to the desert of Al Simhara…

Unsure of who this so called “enemy” was, Elsa was on the flight back to Egypt, but this time around will prove to be much more challenging than she would have ever imagined…


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Oct. 24th, 2010 07:17 pm (UTC)
Great chapter! I just read all 3. I'm proud to say that I am caught up with your legacy. The girls are beautiful. I love taking my Sims to Egypt, I would live there if I could in the game.
Oct. 24th, 2010 10:39 pm (UTC)
Thank you! :3 I'm glad you're enjoying it! It's funny, while I was playing I had intended for her to go to China but she kept getting wishes to go to Egypt, so it all worked out. ^_^

Oh, and I didn't just write up the part where she got to the chest with the relic and "time ran out," That REALLY happened! My vacation time literally ran out when she entered the room! I was like "noooo!" Lol. Oh well, guess she'll have to go back one of these days. :)
Oct. 25th, 2010 05:08 pm (UTC)
You been extremely busy

The pictures are acting up, but only in this chapter, strange.
Oct. 29th, 2010 03:26 pm (UTC)
From Seaweedy
Congratulations on Melody's pregnancy.
Nov. 5th, 2010 03:32 pm (UTC)
Re: From Seaweedy
It was definitely unexpected!
Oct. 31st, 2010 09:18 pm (UTC)
The pictures are up :D wonder what my computer was acting about

Oh did you get my message?

well you probably all wrapped up in LN
Nov. 5th, 2010 03:33 pm (UTC)
Somewhat, but not really. Been busy with work & life. Lol.
Julie Mcgovern
Jun. 13th, 2012 11:39 pm (UTC)
Another baby - i wasnt expecting that!!
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